Bicentennial Photos

November 6 - History Theme

Pastor Dan opens the Bicentennial by showing the History Video.

Ray Jones spoke during Sunday School.

Pastor Walter spoke next in Sunday School.

Vallery Donnelly sang special music accompanied by Beaty Monell during the Morning Service.

Beaty Monell played the organ to accompany music for the first three weeks of the Bicentennial. 

Gary Whipple spoke during the Morning Service.

Gilbert Parker spoke during the Evening Service.

Jerry Holden sang for the specila music.

Brita Terry sang another song for special music.

November 13 - Outreach Theme

Dale Linebaugh and Duane Blasdel speak during Sunday School.

Ray Namie spoke in the Morning Service.

Special music was the Pal/Gal choir.

Bruce Scott spoke at the Evening Service. 

The Ladies Ensamble and Dan Johnson on the sax were the special music.

November 20 - Thanksgiving Theme

Jake Blasdel spoke first during Sunday School.

David Titus spoke next.

Mark Sims spoke during the Morning Service.

Glen Barnhart led the singing.

Special Music was by the Dodge girls. 

David Pitcher spoke first in the Evening Service.

Larry Jennings spoke next in the Evening Service.

The Men's quartet were the special music.

November 27 - Future Theme

Dan Delevan spoke first in Sunday School.

Pat Blasdel spoke next in Sunday School.

Sal Maiorana spoke in the Morning Service.

John Novak played the organ for special music.

Special Music also included the Sunday School Kids singing a special.

The Praise Team accompanied the singing morning and afternoon.

Bonnie Wall played the piano for congregational singing.

John Novak led the choir.

A Family Dinner followed the Morning Service. 

Morgan Sickler spoke at the Evening Service.

The Hall girls sang special music.

The Sunday School kids also sang. 

Pam and Morgan were prayed for by the deacons and their wives for their new ministry together
at Kingdom Air Corp.

Many Displays were part of the Celebration.